Commercial law

  • Registration of commercial companies, changes to circumstances entered in the Commercial Register and register of non-profit legal entities;
  • Termination and liquidation of commercial companies;
  • Challenging and appealing the acts of the bodies of commercial companies;

Contractual law

  • Preparation of preliminary and final instruments (purchase and sale of movable and immovable property, exchange, transfer of property against maintenance and care obligation, donation and sponsorship, rent and lease, loan and service loan, order, service, guarantee, cession, etc.);
  • Drafting of power of attorney, agreements, framework contracts and general conditions;

Proprietary law

  • Full inspection of real estate status before purchase;
  • Assistance for the provision of documents regarding the verification of the status of real estate – sketches/diagrams, tax assessment certificates, certificates for entries, markings and deletions, ownership documents, etc.;
  • Certification of transactions before notaries;

Administrative and tax law

  • Challenging administrative acts by administrative and judicial procedure;
  • Appeal against refusals to issue administrative acts;
  • Consultations on the Value Added Tax Act and the Corporate Income Tax Act;


Law firm Karakoleva-Leshteva and Partners provides first-class legal services to local and foreign clients. Our team is made up of highly qualified specialists, which allows us to ensure fast and efficient resolution of legal cases with maximum protection of our clients’ interests and strict confidentiality. In our work, we are guided by experience, tradition and good practices.

Our main fields of activity are bond and commercial law, property law, intellectual property law, tax and administrative law, international private law.


Lawyer Lyudmila Karakoleva–Leshteva

Lawyer Lyudmila Karakoleva-Leshteva is the founder and partner in the Karakoleva-Leshteva and Partners Law Firm.

Lawyer Atanas Leshtev

Lawyer Atanas Leshtev is the founder and partner in the Karakoleva-Leshteva and Partners Law Firm.

Lawyer Ventsislav Ivanov

lawyer Ventsislav Ivanov has been part of the Karakoleva-Leshteva & Partners team since 2020.

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